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How To Write a Song

Posted by Guy Leroux on January 4, 2014 at 9:40 AM

Hey, I'm assuming you're new at this, you've just learned how to play a new instrument, or you're a lyricist, and you've decided it's time to write a song. Maybe you just want to write as a hobby, it's all fun. Later on you may want to try and earn some money with your songs, and that's all good, and the best of luck, it's hard work.

There are many formats to use. I will not go into the Rap songwriting, because I don't know anything about it.

But in my opinion here are some basic principles or techniques to use:

Some people create the melody first, and others will write the melody as they write lyrics.

Title of your song should be catchy, and repetion is good.

Hook or Chorus should be catchy and memorable even after the song is over, remember "Achy Breaky Heart"?

Telling a story, should be interesting, and you want to hear the whole song, just like "The Coward of the County" by Kenny Rodgers.

Maybe you want to add a musical bridge to break up the song, that's your choice.

Some song formats to use are:


A-Verse 2


A-Verse 3

Some other formats to use are:

A                 A-CHORUS

B                 B-VERSE

A        OR:        A-CHORUS

B                B-VERSE

C                C-BRIDGE

B                A-CHORUS

You are the writer you can use whatever you want. Tom T Hall and Gorden Lightfoot use the story line song with no bridge or chorus in some of their songs. There are many other combinations, but if you are a beginner, start simple. If you're a novice, maybe you can add more info to this blog. I'm just touching the very basics here.

Get a co-writer if you just write lyrics, or just melody, it's really mind opening. I really enjoy working with my co-writers.

Maybe next blog I'll continue writing about different techniques and things to do after you write your first hits.

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